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4 celebs that’ve dated / wedded billionaires

4 celebs that’ve dated / wedded billionaires

4 celebs that’ve dated / wedded billionaires

With Amber Heard making her liaison with Elon Musk, the Tesla Motors billionaire, what about additional celebrated faces who’ve proceeded with liaison with the incredibly wealthy? Right fromthe media tycoon ex of Jane Fonda to heiress of Jesse James following Sandra Bullock, below are 4 incredibly affluent celebs who dated in some way/ wedded even further up.

We get started on this list below.

Amber Heard and Elon Musk

Following several months of guesswork, Amber Heard, a professional actress, lastly validated her liaison with the CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX super-wealthy billionaire Elon Musk, in Instagram snap.

With an estimated Worth of $14 billion, Musk happens to be a majorboost for Heard from former Johnny Depp, who though having a likely worth of $400 million was alleged of behaving in a less than courteousmannerthroughout their chaotic marriage.

Amber and Elon

Having a reported $4.6 billion net worth, Evan Spiegel, Snapchat co-founder, is amongst the majorsuccesses of the period of social media entrepreneurship. However, it wasn’t the great wealth of Spiegel that caught the notice of Miranda Kerr, the Australian supermodel. In an interview by E! News she stated him to be a truly kind individual and very real and very genuine and that she had great appreciation for him for that. She also stated him to be rather intelligent.

  • It also appears as if she’s a fan of the creations of Spiegel and she slammedFacebook for actuallyduping Snapchat by way of their ‘Instagram Story’ aspect.
  • The couple had met during a Louis Vitton banquet in 2014, and they got engaged in the year of 2016.
Miranda Kerr & James Packer

Miranda Kerr & James Packer

Miranda Kerr & James Packer

Despite the fact that it had never been explicitly confirmed, Miranda Kerr’s been alsoassociatedwith another billionaire. That billionaire is James Packer, the Australian media mogul who built up a great deal of his reported fortune of $6.1 billion through his wide-reaching gambling domain Crown, in conjunction with a recent venture into motion picture production.

  • The decision of Packer to separate with his wife,who was with him for six years, supposedlyfor being with Kerr, was sufficient to aggravate a literal lanescuffle with David Gyngell, a childhood buddy and fellow billionaire.
  • They had been photographed having a fight just outside the residence of Gyngell, with Packer departing the spot with a blackened eye.
  • In an interview by Voigu Kerr had stated that they had not been fighting over her.
James Packer and Mariah Carey

James Packer and Mariah Carey

James Packer and Mariah Carey

Subsequent to his alleged fling with Miranda Kerr, James Packer proceeded to very openly romance Mariah Carey, the pop diva.

  • They happened to come across each other at an Aspen motion picture premiere, ahead of touring the earthjointly and getting engaged in the year of 2016.
  • However,chitchatssurfaced towards the closing stages of the year of the pair being right on the rocks and Packer being apparently anxiouswith the “excessive spending” of Carrey.
  • There had also been reports of Carey beingexhausted of being tempted into Scientology, whose member was Packer, going by New York tabloids.


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